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English. The original Springsteen Lyric is " Cut Loose like a deuce " as a few have The cover was a misunderstanding of the meaning and was. "Blinded by the Light" is a song written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen which first appeared The remainder of the song tells of many unrelated events, with the refrain of "Blinded by the light, cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the. Personally, I always thought this was a reference to a Ford Deuce Coupe Song Meanings · Song Lyrics The original Springsteen Lyric is " Cut Loose like a deuce " as a few have mentioned above. However, if you have ever lived in the. Cale - Atlanta, Ga. For decades I couldn't understand half the lyrics to this song. Hope that clears things up for people. JD Fensty Hope you are still reading this. One of my many fav's. Greetings From Asbury Park, N. Wouldn't it make more sense if you look into the eyes of the sun? Would you please read my new lyrics and give me feedback? Manfred Mann changed the lyric to 'revved up like a douche', which is a feminine hygienic procedure The Manfred Mann version was much more elaborately produced, and Springsteen hated it at first. He knew it had been written by Springsteen but said Bruce had been inspirted to write it by the drag racing scene in the James Dean movie 'Rebel Without a Cause'. His early lyrics pre-Greetings from songs like Henry Boy seemed to be influenced pretty heavily by pot. Some silicone sister with her manager mister told me I got what it takes. You can clearly hear the "SHH" at the end of the supposed word "deuce". Go Always hot spielen kostenlos Motzart was a guy who hung out in Asbury Park in those days who was a little crazy and would do things like check the weather to see if it was safe to go outside. I think Manny also does 'Spirits in the Night' and 'For You' better than Bruce. Budapest Live Mann Alive. It seems as if Chris Thompson was meaning to say something like "Douche" in Manfred Mann's Earth Band's version. Sorry, but "Checkin' out the weather charts

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song meanings blinded by the light explained explanation UK Singles Chart [8]. Chris' Spokesperson Senior Member Paris English - Ireland. Never really paid too much attention to lyrics anyway. The Seeger Sessions Magic Working on a Dream Wrecking Ball High Hopes Steve - Denver, Co.

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